Galina Dub

Without a doubt, #1 on this list and probably every other list on the web. She dresses like a porn star, games like the Whiz, and is undeniably hot / cute / sexy. I’d basically just worship her for a week if I ever saw her.

Lia (Sssniperwolf)

Where the hell are all these girls when I’m trying to get a date? All the hot girls that I know only want to play Mario Cart or Dance Revolution with me. Lia, is ridiculously hot. Wowwwwza. Here is her Instagram.


I don’t know what it is about her, but man she really fills my void. Also I think I have an actual crush on PamCakes, I’ve been one of her oldest fans. Here is m’lady’s Instagram.
hot gaming girl

Tara Babcock

This girl had to have a tough time in high school. Last name: babcock. All I could think about was…

Anyway, her IG.

Dizzy Kitten

Dizzy resides somewhere between “wholesomely adorable” and “where is the nearest cheap hotel.”

Here is her Instagram.


I really had to quit it at this point, the penis god was summoning an erection that I couldn’t deny. 5 hot gaming girls. Let us honor them.

The days of Doritos and Mountain Dew are over. After all, your a civilized gamer now. You don’t wipe your cheesy hands off on your basketball shorts, you dab them on a cloth napkin.

Ben and Jerry’s Pint Slics

I won’t even describe these, they are so good.


Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop

They make like 10 varieties of these…so good.

Combos: Feeding Gamers since Pac Man


Venison Steak Strips


take a bite out of manhood with these savory sticks of deer.

Fail Chips

They don’t just sound like a marketing ploy to feed gamers, they are actually good.


A personal favorite

Little Bites

I think I just love these because my mom used to buy them for me.


Pasta Bow Ties

I wasn’t sure what the hell these were, until I tried one that my girlfriends friend had. Now I cannot stop.

Real Coconut Chips

They sound disgusting, but really are quite good.

Sprite Zero

personal beverage of choice. Won’t turn you into a fat ass

Teddy Soft Bakes

A piece of my childhood.

Pea Crisps

Probably the healthiest thing in my diet, but they are still good…and saltily delicious.

365 Pretzel Nugs

my other favorite kind of nugs…cash my drift?

365 Ranch Tortilla Chips

I can only afford these when my brother takes me shopping. At which point I put as many of these as I can fit into the cart.

Another Pea Snack

Rockstar games has admitted that you should not install the GTA V for Xbox “play” disk.

The video embedded below illustrates the game being played with the install disk alongside the play disk installed to a USB drive. It appears as though this causes major performance issues if both are installed to the HDD of the Xbox 360.

I guess they didn’t think of everything.

Probably one of the most epic snipes I’ve seen in Halo 5: Guardians yet. A chaser would not give up on chasing miniman34. Miniman runs around a little bit, jumps up and gets the sniper with a grenade. He knew what he was going to do to the chaser, and he did it savagely! What you end up seeing is absolutely nasty!

This Halo 5 Snipe is Insane

Be sure to come back for more nasty Halo 5 clips!

This is my huge mish mosh collection of NBA 2k15 desktop wallpapers. I’ve used every one of these in the last week or so, have been rotating them every few hours so they do work.

(click the image to load the full size, then right click to download)

NBA 2K15 13

NBA 2K15 bulls closeup

NBA 2K15 challenges unsung heroes

NBA 2K15 clippers warriors

NBA 2K15 desk 2k sports

NBA 2K15 edit lineup

NBA 2K15 full size wallpaper oklahoma city

NBA 2K15 interview NBA thunder

NBA 2K15 jordan air jordan signature

NBA 2K15 kevin durant thunder 42

NBA 2K15 knicks

NBA 2K15 lakers

NBA 2K15 lebron james cavs oklahoma city

NBA 2K15 MIA vs SA

NBA 2K15 miami 30 40

NBA 2K15 My player

NBA 2K15 mypark rep


NBA 2K15 rockets

NBA 2K15 slam dunk san antonio

NBA 2K15 spurs huddle green duncan parker

NBA 2K15 wizards 24

NBA 2K15

Let the shitshow begin mother-truckers

This is a little list I’ve been working on for myself personally, thought I’d make it live:

Note- these are not my affiliate links, these are all straight deals boys and girls.

Amazon – PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle – Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered

Newegg – Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership (Digital Code) 

Microsoft Store, Xbox One Unity Bundle + Free game deal back in stock for $329!!

Walmart Xbox One without Kinect Console Bundle with Halo Master Chief Collection – $329.99

Amazon – Logitech Gamepad F310

Amazon $69.99: Netgear AC1600 Smart WiFi 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit Router (refurb)

Amazon PS4 Destiny Bundle

An ass-ton of Corsair related deals (cases, mice, mechanical kbs, etc)

Amazon – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

That is it for now, check back later

I was reading through recent gaming news recently and found out that AMD has decided it will not be integrating DDR4 RAM in its latest line of PC motherboards for desktop.

Last I heard is they were getting out of the CPU market, but I don’t have more info on that right now.

As you might have guessed Intel will in fact be moving forward with support for DDR4 ram, it is just a matter of time before we start seeing it on the market.

I still can’t get a straight answer on when this is all happening, so please keep me posted if you hear of anything.

In the mean time for more info on DDR4 specs and such, check out this post on DDR4.

Ran across this amazing video the other day.

It explains everything from pixels, aspect ratio, image quality, and more. For instance it talks a lot about aliasing which in basic terms is how graphics processors display angled lines and things like that.