5 Hottest Gaming Girls of 2017

Galina Dub

Without a doubt, #1 on this list and probably every other list on the web. She dresses like a porn star, games like the Whiz, and is undeniably hot / cute / sexy. I’d basically just worship her for a week if I ever saw her.

Lia (Sssniperwolf)

Where the hell are all these girls when I’m trying to get a date? All the hot girls that I know only want to play Mario Cart or Dance Revolution with me. Lia, is ridiculously hot. Wowwwwza. Here is her Instagram.


I don’t know what it is about her, but man she really fills my void. Also I think I have an actual crush on PamCakes, I’ve been one of her oldest fans. Here is m’lady’s Instagram.
hot gaming girl

Tara Babcock

This girl had to have a tough time in high school. Last name: babcock. All I could think about was…

Anyway, her IG.

Dizzy Kitten

Dizzy resides somewhere between “wholesomely adorable” and “where is the nearest cheap hotel.”

Here is her Instagram.


I really had to quit it at this point, the penis god was summoning an erection that I couldn’t deny. 5 hot gaming girls. Let us honor them.

Derrick Legend

Derrick is a serious gamer, blogger, and is kind of a big deal on 4chan. When he’s not blogging for SGR he is riding dirt bikes and going to school. Derrick’s favorite games are Call of Duty, Crysis 3, and Metal Gear Rising (he’s also a huge classic NES buff).

Derrick Legend

Derrick Legend

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