Activision Taunts us With Unrealistic Expectations


Activision thinks so. But many users and enthusiasts don’t

Activision recently released these photos as “the future of gaming.”  What they don’t realize is as gamers, we are used to this.  Time after time video game makers release these insanely realistic photos of “game shots” when in actuality they are still photos of characters.

You see, rendering a still human in a video game is MUCH easier then rendering a battle of 1000 warriors with trees, mountains, and flaming volcanoes all while you are shooting your victim with blood pouring out of his kidneys.

Technology has come so far BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT UP!  You know what, technology has a long way to go.  Modern PC’s cannot handle graphics like this.

Oh, you think your latest water cooling system is fast?

Think again, try running one of these games and you’ll get chewed up and spit out!

While we appreciate your enthusiasm Activision, don’t tease us if you can’t please us.

I’m out.


Derrick Legend

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