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This is my huge mish mosh collection of NBA 2k15 desktop wallpapers. I’ve used every one of these in the last week or so, have been rotating them every few hours so they do work.

(click the image to load the full size, then right click to download)

NBA 2K15 13

NBA 2K15 bulls closeup

NBA 2K15 challenges unsung heroes

NBA 2K15 clippers warriors

NBA 2K15 desk 2k sports

NBA 2K15 edit lineup

NBA 2K15 full size wallpaper oklahoma city

NBA 2K15 interview NBA thunder

NBA 2K15 jordan air jordan signature

NBA 2K15 kevin durant thunder 42

NBA 2K15 knicks

NBA 2K15 lakers

NBA 2K15 lebron james cavs oklahoma city

NBA 2K15 MIA vs SA

NBA 2K15 miami 30 40

NBA 2K15 My player

NBA 2K15 mypark rep


NBA 2K15 rockets

NBA 2K15 slam dunk san antonio

NBA 2K15 spurs huddle green duncan parker

NBA 2K15 wizards 24

NBA 2K15

Not many things freak me out.

Psychological thrillers do.

The game opens with old psych ward documents with “behavioral modification” on them which basically means torture.

The game takes place in an old abandoned…you guessed it, psych ward and is really just freaky.

If you aren’t freaked out by ghosts (I’m not) then the criminally insane ghosts will, trust me.

The night vision is also particularly creepy.

Outlast Game Screenshots and Desktop Wallpapers

out last outlast 2 outlast 3 outlast desktop wallpaper outlast screenshot outlast screenshots outlast

BTW hot chicks play Battlefield.

So in case you didn’t know about Battlefield 4: Levolution, it looks so badass.

Graphics look intense and there are tons of great new action pieces such as car alarms, gates, etc.  There is a trailer out there as well for this.

battlefield 4 levolution screen

battlefield 4 levolution

battlefield 4 levolution2

battlefield 4 levolution3

battlefield 4 levolution4

battlefield 4 levolution5

battlefield 4 levolution6

This is an extremely entertaining game while still being super funny and just plain ridiculous.  For those people that don’t know by now, this is an early access game where you can control a NASA space program on the planet “Kerbal.”

I’ve been playing this game now for the past week, after purchasing it in Florida on Spring break.  This game is a ton of fun and I really recommend it.

We frigging love Kerbal Space program.  For those of you who don’t know it is a game that basically lets you be in charge of NASA!  Only thing is you are located on the planet of Krebal.

You start off the game being dropped in the middle of nowhere with just a few parts and you have to complete a bunch of missions.

It is so cool.

If you are not patient, this is not a fun game but for those of you who like to obsess this is an awesome game.

Basically it is a great game for people who love to figure out things like physics and who can be reallllllly creative with just a few items.

This game can be extremely overwhelming.  It is not easy.  The hardest part is trying to figure everything out all at once.

For example, once you’ve gotten everything figured out and are ready for something new, you can try going to another planet.  I can assure you this will take even the skilled gamer weeks if not months to pull off.  You will probably have to build an entire space station first.

There are also a few pre made solutions that you can mess around in.  It is a lot of fun but not as much as the regular game is.

The thing about this game is that there are really no instructions.

There is nothing to win.

There is no end game.

You can literally play this game for years and just get started.

This is more of a “project” than it is a game.

If you are looking for something that will literally take you into a different world, then please check out Kerbal Space program.  It is seriously awesome.

Here is a video of the “first flight” that is well documented on YT.

And some screenshots of game play:

kerbal space programKerbalSpaceProgramMods2


Looking for Kerbal Space Program Desktop Wallpapers or Backgrounds?

(right click and save as or right click to set as desktop wallpaper)

kerbal 2

kerbal space desktop wallpapers

kerbal space view

kerbal space

kerbal spaceship

KSP wallpaper1280

KSP wallpaper1680


SGR has the ultimate collection of Bioshock Infinate Desktop Wallpapers and Desktop Backgrounds.  These are obviously good for PC’s Mac and Linux, or whatever else floats your boat.  All of these will pretty much resize to whatever monitor that you have.  If you have some sort of insane 60″ HD monitor I’m sure there will be a loss of quality, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Enjoy people!

bioshock beach
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Bioshock Blimp Gunship
click to download or set as background
bioshock cross hairs
click to download or set as background
bioshock detail
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bioshock elizabeth
click to download or set as background
bioshock falling
click to download or set as background
bioshock girl
click to download or set as background
bioshock infiniite
click to download or set as background
bioshock pedoshock
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bioshock infinate wallpaper

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bioshock infinate wallpaper HD

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bioshock infinate wallpaper 3


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