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The days of Doritos and Mountain Dew are over. After all, your a civilized gamer now. You don’t wipe your cheesy hands off on your basketball shorts, you dab them on a cloth napkin.

Ben and Jerry’s Pint Slics

I won’t even describe these, they are so good.


Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop

They make like 10 varieties of these…so good.

Combos: Feeding Gamers since Pac Man


Venison Steak Strips


take a bite out of manhood with these savory sticks of deer.

Fail Chips

They don’t just sound like a marketing ploy to feed gamers, they are actually good.


A personal favorite

Little Bites

I think I just love these because my mom used to buy them for me.


Pasta Bow Ties

I wasn’t sure what the hell these were, until I tried one that my girlfriends friend had. Now I cannot stop.

Real Coconut Chips

They sound disgusting, but really are quite good.

Sprite Zero

personal beverage of choice. Won’t turn you into a fat ass

Teddy Soft Bakes

A piece of my childhood.

Pea Crisps

Probably the healthiest thing in my diet, but they are still good…and saltily delicious.

365 Pretzel Nugs

my other favorite kind of nugs…cash my drift?

365 Ranch Tortilla Chips

I can only afford these when my brother takes me shopping. At which point I put as many of these as I can fit into the cart.

Another Pea Snack

They don’t really have these where I live, and rumor has it they’ve changed the recipe after selling out a few years ago.

I present to you, Tasty Cakes!


Tasty Cakes are downright delicious. There are a ton of different kinds/flavors etc but really only a few of them are original.

My favorites are coffee cake, even though I don’t eat them with coffee.

tasty cake coffee cake

Tasty Cake is our snack of the week. If you want to order them go to – you can order them right online…I think I’ll do that right about now!

Every gamer I know loves these.  Jam packed with what we love the most: caffeine, these mints pack a hard punch and keep you gaming all night.  Be careful not to jam down 10 of these the first time you use them, they can really get you rocked harder than a 4th grader on ritalin.

Have fun kiddos!

bawls mints

If you’ve ever had these:

unique pretzels

Then you will love these:


Snack summary: these are a gift from god.  Pretzels are awesome already.  Those pretzel chip things made for dipping are kind of cool, and on the same level of these – but really not even close to the deliciousness that these bring to the table.

Unique Pretzel Splits Shells or simply “splits” are just the shell of the pretzel.  Its basically like a cored out pretzel rod.  Packed with deliciousness (actually it is packed with nothing, just air) but are one of the best salty treats of all time. I keep 5-10 bags stocked in my house at all times.

If you can’t find then in a store near you, then order them for God’s sake.  Don’t make me post the link for you, Google it.  They are three dollars.

Today’s Snack of the night we present for your viewing pleasure Jersey Bill’s Kick Ass Gourmet Beef Jerky.  This kick ass jerky is made from the best beef out there, and these guys really know what they are doing. Gamers love jerky, its a fact.  Stay away from the crap at the local 7-11 and pick up a box of this delicisous goodness…we did.

jerkey bills

An ode to Fudge Covered Ritz:

you have a middle that is salty
your past I don’t find you faulty
your a staple of our country
and you never leave me hungry
your new sweetness is divine
but will be here for a limited time
when you leave ill long for your love
and you’ll fly away like a dove

fudge covered ritz

fudge covered ritz

You’re sweet, you’re salty – your…chicken-y.  We love you Lay’s.  If you haven’t gamed with a bag of Lay’s Chicken and Waffles then you haven’t gamed.  Go to your nearest snack retailer (WaWa or 7-11) and tear open a bag.

chicken waffle chips