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The days of Doritos and Mountain Dew are over. After all, your a civilized gamer now. You don’t wipe your cheesy hands off on your basketball shorts, you dab them on a cloth napkin.

Ben and Jerry’s Pint Slics

I won’t even describe these, they are so good.


Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop

They make like 10 varieties of these…so good.

Combos: Feeding Gamers since Pac Man


Venison Steak Strips


take a bite out of manhood with these savory sticks of deer.

Fail Chips

They don’t just sound like a marketing ploy to feed gamers, they are actually good.


A personal favorite

Little Bites

I think I just love these because my mom used to buy them for me.


Pasta Bow Ties

I wasn’t sure what the hell these were, until I tried one that my girlfriends friend had. Now I cannot stop.

Real Coconut Chips

They sound disgusting, but really are quite good.

Sprite Zero

personal beverage of choice. Won’t turn you into a fat ass

Teddy Soft Bakes

A piece of my childhood.

Pea Crisps

Probably the healthiest thing in my diet, but they are still good…and saltily delicious.

365 Pretzel Nugs

my other favorite kind of nugs…cash my drift?

365 Ranch Tortilla Chips

I can only afford these when my brother takes me shopping. At which point I put as many of these as I can fit into the cart.

Another Pea Snack

Let the shitshow begin mother-truckers

This is a little list I’ve been working on for myself personally, thought I’d make it live:

Note- these are not my affiliate links, these are all straight deals boys and girls.

Amazon – PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle – Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered

Newegg – Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership (Digital Code) 

Microsoft Store, Xbox One Unity Bundle + Free game deal back in stock for $329!!

Walmart Xbox One without Kinect Console Bundle with Halo Master Chief Collection – $329.99

Amazon – Logitech Gamepad F310

Amazon $69.99: Netgear AC1600 Smart WiFi 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit Router (refurb)

Amazon PS4 Destiny Bundle

An ass-ton of Corsair related deals (cases, mice, mechanical kbs, etc)

Amazon – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

That is it for now, check back later

Being a serious gamer is about more than just playing video games. Its about being able to be a hardcore/champion gamer on all forms of gaming consoles even if it means leaving the controller on the couch. So as a tribute to our arcade roots we present our viewers with, “40 of the Sickest Fooseball Tables.”

40 of the Sickest Foosball Tables

Custom Foosball Tables

Handmade Foosball tables Custom Foosball tables Custom Foosball tables Handmade Foosball tables custom Foosball tables Handmade Foosball tables Custom Foosball tables barbie foosball table

Modern Style Foosball Tables

serious gamersCustom Foosball tables sickest foosball tablesCustom Foosball tables modern foosball tables sickest foosball tables sickest foosball tables sickest foosball tables sickest foosball tables sickest foosball tables modern foosball tables modern foosball tables serious gamers

Huge Foosball Table

huge Foosball tableshuge Foosball tables huge Foosball tables huge Foosball tables huge Foosball tables huge Foosball tables huge Foosball tables huge Foosball tables

Serious Foosball Gamers

serious gamers serious gamersserious gamers serious gamers serious gamersLEGO foosball tablesLEGO foosball tables LEGO foosball tables LEGO foosball tables Star Wars foosball tables

Ever wanted to see the scores of Super Mario Bros to play on your own?

Did you know that a “1 up” in Super Mario Bros was actually “E – G – E – C – D – G”???

Well this new website will school you on everything you ever wanted to know about Super Mario Bros scores for various different games, worlds and sounds within the game.

It is a really fun page because it is all embeded via Flash and you can play the sounds live right then and there.

Apparently Eisenburg was trolling through the crowd at Comic Con today with a “Walter White” mask on.

He normally looks much more normal, with longer hair and a…well nicer demeanor.

He walked around all day Sunday with the mask on, then when it was time for him to get up on stage he took the mask off and surprised everyone.

According to friends and family, he is one of the most professional actors ever, but loves to joke and kid around.

bryan cranston comic con

Bryan Cranston taking off the Walter White mask at Comic Con

bryan cranston comic con mask

Yup, that is Bryan Cranston in an Eisenburg mask at Comic Con

Yea, that’s right.  This innocent looking white boy could face a dime piece in the federal penitentiary for talking smack in a MMOPG.  Apparently he made a threat during a chat.Josh-Pillault

Josh Pillault was a normal kid form Mississippi that never caused any trouble and was never deemed a danger to himself or anyone else.

Soon after this happened, the feds came knocking on his door and arrested him in connection with making the threat.

The feds did not find any evidence, and found nothing that could even connect him with this.

Josh’s Mom wrote in:

“His doctors have said he wouldn’t hurt himself or anyone else, We actually have teachers who were willing to testify that they knew it wasn’t a true threat as soon as they found out it was Josh. Even his fellow inmates and guards have commented on how they can’t believe he is still in there.”

But still, he has been detained after he plead guilty (why he did this, I do not know).  He is also facing a $250,000 fine.

The crazy thing is, this happened earlier this year when a Texas man stated that he would “shoot up a school full of kids and eat their hearts.”  He was arrested for making terrorist threats.

Again, no evidence, motive, or weapons found.

Allegedly/Apparently he made a threat to kill himself and shoot up a school.

The crazy thing is, the “victim” was in a totally different state!

“Even if one considers that Carter’s joke met the “imminent lawless action” threshold — which I absolutely do not,” said Charles Cooke for National Review Online, “— the subsequent search and questioning of the suspect rendered it demonstrably clear that Carter did not present anything close. That the case has been carried beyond that point is astonishing — and unconstitutional.”

This is so ridiculous.

Please share this story in hopes some politician will see this and make something happen.

I do want to say, I don’t condone threatening anyone – but the punishment has to fit the crime.

We’re rooting for you Josh.