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Rockstar games has admitted that you should not install the GTA V for Xbox “play” disk.

The video embedded below illustrates the game being played with the install disk alongside the play disk installed to a USB drive. It appears as though this causes major performance issues if both are installed to the HDD of the Xbox 360.

I guess they didn’t think of everything.

Probably one of the most epic snipes I’ve seen in Halo 5: Guardians yet. A chaser would not give up on chasing miniman34. Miniman runs around a little bit, jumps up and gets the sniper with a grenade. He knew what he was going to do to the chaser, and he did it savagely! What you end up seeing is absolutely nasty!

This Halo 5 Snipe is Insane

Be sure to come back for more nasty Halo 5 clips!

This is my huge mish mosh collection of NBA 2k15 desktop wallpapers. I’ve used every one of these in the last week or so, have been rotating them every few hours so they do work.

(click the image to load the full size, then right click to download)

NBA 2K15 13

NBA 2K15 bulls closeup

NBA 2K15 challenges unsung heroes

NBA 2K15 clippers warriors

NBA 2K15 desk 2k sports

NBA 2K15 edit lineup

NBA 2K15 full size wallpaper oklahoma city

NBA 2K15 interview NBA thunder

NBA 2K15 jordan air jordan signature

NBA 2K15 kevin durant thunder 42

NBA 2K15 knicks

NBA 2K15 lakers

NBA 2K15 lebron james cavs oklahoma city

NBA 2K15 MIA vs SA

NBA 2K15 miami 30 40

NBA 2K15 My player

NBA 2K15 mypark rep


NBA 2K15 rockets

NBA 2K15 slam dunk san antonio

NBA 2K15 spurs huddle green duncan parker

NBA 2K15 wizards 24

NBA 2K15

Ran across this amazing video the other day.

It explains everything from pixels, aspect ratio, image quality, and more. For instance it talks a lot about aliasing which in basic terms is how graphics processors display angled lines and things like that.


On May 9th, a student of ChenZhou Vocational and Technical College in Hunan Province(China) murdered his roommate with a fruit knife due to losing three consecutive games in the online game called League of Legends.

That was a Friday, when most of the students went back home at night, blood was found by a cleaner in front of room 6323 at around 7pm. Police officers arrived with hurry and broke into the room, they found Po Lee dead already and Kai Liu was sitting in the corner.

According to Liu, Lee is from the country called JiaHe in China, which is also a part of Hunan Province. Liu was 16 years old and Lee was 18 years old while they were both studying computer science in the same class.

“They hang out a lot, they were good friends.” Class teacher Guo said, “Lee also did well at school, he was the outstanding student of the school. But Liu did not have any mental problems either.”

Spokesperson of the college Jie Liu said it was triggered by a game, but no further detail of how the murder was committed. There is, however, rumor that they were playing the game “League of Legends”, Liu lost his marbles after three loss and stabbed Lee with a fruit knife.

Professor of psychology in Xiangnan University Yu thinks that teenagers have high curiosity, they love to imitate interesting things. Their mind, personality or even behavior will be affected if exposed to violent video games for long hours. “They might bring things happened in video games to real life.” he said.

“The game is the cause of this!” Lau(spokesman) sighed. “Kids nowadays love to play video games rather than studying.”

*****Forgive me for my poor English, but I really want to share this news with you guys*****
*****Hope you guys don’t find this “tl;dr”*****

===This is not some kind of a joke but I’d like to quote some of the reactions in the TaiWan League community===