Everyone Innovates Differently: Console Controllers

Different Console Controllers

This is so true in so many ways.. Just think about it Sony PlayStation  has never changed their controller pasted the dual-shock.

This is even the same with Microsoft Xbox. Remember the “S” controller? Well ever since that release they have been trying to perfect it by moving around their button lay out. Like RB and LB that were originally the White button and Black button.

This just leaves Nintendo’s diverse and boarder line confusing  history of controllers. For Nintendo then are always innovating the next big thing through their smaller projects. For example the 3DS was released for Nintendo to field out for their all new Wii U. The controller from this console takes the Wii another step further by including a game-pad controller. They did the same form of innovation to create the original Wii.

Remember prior to the Wii being released in 2006, we had the original DS back in 2004. The DS was on of the first hand help consoles to incorporate “dual-screen” and a “touch-pad” that was used via stylus. It is more than coincidence that the Wii controller’s functionality was just like the DS stylus.

To sum up my thoughts. Every home console comes with a company behind it that takes a different path to come to the same common goal; Gaming!


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