FBI Will Be Spying on Chats by 2014


Right now, (we think) the FBI does not really have the ability to peek into your Facebook/Yahoo chats right now, but soon the FBI says this could change.

By the end of the year, the FBI is hoping to have the ability to sniff online conversations (chats) that happen on the web by gaining access to high level servers and spying on your conversations.

Due to the Communications Assistance of Law Enforcement Act, chat rooms within the US can only be sniffed out by  a court order, or warrant. The FBI and other federal agencies are up against some pretty tough gigs lately – perverts all over the internet are running wild looking to trap minors into situations that could harm them.  Kids and adults are looking up recipes to make bombs and other harmful things.  Meth heads are scouring the internet looking to make recipes to cook meth every single day.

bad stuff

Thousands of people every day are searching for things the FBI are very interested in

Andrew Weissman, FBI attorney is putting bigtim pressure on cyber-crimnals in a recent press conference in DC, during this time he disclosed the following:

“The problem is where we are today. The way we communicate is really not limited to telephone nowadays and sort of the old fashioned picking up the phone and calling someone,” Weismann said.

Things like Gmail, Facebok and Reddit dominate our lives in this day in age, but there is no laws that allow law enforcement agencies to snoop in on this without a warrant.  The FBI really wants this, and they are working really hard to make it happen.

“You do have laws that say you need to keep things for a certain amount of time, but in the cyber realm you can have companies that keep things for five minutes,” he said. “You can imagine totally legitimate reasons for that, but you can also imagine how enticing that ability is for people who are up to no good because the evidence comes and it goes.” says Weissman.

Many other countries currently have the ability to snoop on chats, we are actually one of the few that don’t have the ability to do so.

“We don’t have the ability to go to court and say we need a court order that actually requires the recipient of that order to effectuate the intercept. Other countries have that and I think most people who are not lawyers sort of assume that’s what you’re getting when you go to court,” he said. “You think that you’re getting an order that says, ‘Recipient, you have to actually effectuate the communication.’ Well that’s not what you get. You get something that says that you have to provide technical assistance.”

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