Fixing a Broken PS3 Slim – A Few Tips

Recently our PS3 slim broke and we decided to fix it ourselves (or at least try) here are a few tips that got us through the fix, and helped us get it back up and running.  IF you aren’t good with small electronics and haven’t fixed games or other electronic systems before, I highly recommend you take this to an electronics shop and have them take a look at it.

The issue we had was that the PS3 slim was giving out a blank screen, no matter what we did.  It would load fine, but as soon as we tried to open or load any of the apps, it would give a blank black screen.

We tried a number of different fixes.  We did a reboot cold and warm.  We gave it some time.  We reloaded the original software that came with it and started from scratch…still nothing.

After a while we decided to pop in a disk during the blank black screen.


That was all it took.

So in case you run into this issue, a blank or any disk being inserted into it will fix it right away.

Im out.

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