Gamer Kid Faces 10 Years for Talking Smack on Game Chat

Yea, that’s right.  This innocent looking white boy could face a dime piece in the federal penitentiary for talking smack in a MMOPG.  Apparently he made a threat during a chat.Josh-Pillault

Josh Pillault was a normal kid form Mississippi that never caused any trouble and was never deemed a danger to himself or anyone else.

Soon after this happened, the feds came knocking on his door and arrested him in connection with making the threat.

The feds did not find any evidence, and found nothing that could even connect him with this.

Josh’s Mom wrote in:

“His doctors have said he wouldn’t hurt himself or anyone else, We actually have teachers who were willing to testify that they knew it wasn’t a true threat as soon as they found out it was Josh. Even his fellow inmates and guards have commented on how they can’t believe he is still in there.”

But still, he has been detained after he plead guilty (why he did this, I do not know).  He is also facing a $250,000 fine.

The crazy thing is, this happened earlier this year when a Texas man stated that he would “shoot up a school full of kids and eat their hearts.”  He was arrested for making terrorist threats.

Again, no evidence, motive, or weapons found.

Allegedly/Apparently he made a threat to kill himself and shoot up a school.

The crazy thing is, the “victim” was in a totally different state!

“Even if one considers that Carter’s joke met the “imminent lawless action” threshold — which I absolutely do not,” said Charles Cooke for National Review Online, “— the subsequent search and questioning of the suspect rendered it demonstrably clear that Carter did not present anything close. That the case has been carried beyond that point is astonishing — and unconstitutional.”

This is so ridiculous.

Please share this story in hopes some politician will see this and make something happen.

I do want to say, I don’t condone threatening anyone – but the punishment has to fit the crime.

We’re rooting for you Josh.

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