Gaming Suit lets you feel what its like getting sprayed by an AK-47

ARAIG game exoskeleton

Holy crap.  This new game suit lets gamers feel the rumble of a passing car, or even the experience of an AK-47 spraying you with bullets across the torso.

Bad. Ass.

ARAIG just started off a huge 900k marketing campaign for this sense replicating unit, and are looking for additional funds to really put it into mass production.

(Note: we are really hoping they will send one of these to us)

Of course this won’t be cheap once it hits retail.  Sources say that it will be about $300 for this digital exoskeleton.  There might be other perks of the suite as well, such as customizations, look, feel and of course size.

Please send us one, we really want to try it.

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