Podcast: LulzSec Hackers Plead Guilty

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This is Derrick from Serious Game Research, coming at you with the latest Gaming news.

As many of you might remember, in 2011 a hacker group named Lulz Sec were terrorizing top companies such as Sony, Pbs and more. Allegedly Lulz’s top leader named Sabu turned out to be an FBI informant.

Sabu and other members took a plea deal to the DDoS attacks that were routed to the CIA and Britain’s Organized Crime Agency.

Now we’re hearing about “Ryan Ackroyd” who is another member of Lulz who has also plead guilty to one count of unauthorized act to impair the operation of a computer. According to sources, he hacked Sony, Fox, Nintendo, Arizona Police and others.

Ryans sentencing will go down on May 14th in Southwark, London.

Stay tuned to serious game research for more details.

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