Marc Whitten of Microsoft Answers Questions About Xbox One

Last week the Xbox One came on the market with some very mixed reviews.  Marc Whitten recently answered some questions about the new console.

“The ultimate all in one entertainment unit”

Here are the highlights and facts about Xbox One:

  • Xbox One won’t be backwards compatible with other Xboxes
  • It doesn’t necessarily need an internet connection, but it really helps
  • You can speak commands to it, and it works pretty well
  • Skype is integrated (good)
  • It is powered by….drum roll….wait for it….WINDOWS!
  • It can see your heart beet. Seriously.
  • You can use DVR to save games
  • You can watch TV through HDMI passthrough

Overall, the Xbox One is more of a multimedia device then a video game console.  The Xbox One is a really cool piece of electronics that can take the place of a number of different devices: apple TV, netflix, DVD player, etc.

The Xbox has paired a number of different functionalities together quite nicely.  We are really excited to get our Xbox One in the mail and to test it out.

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