Memories of Classic Gaming: It was much different

I was sitting back at work today, not working as usual and was thinking about all of the different games I used to play for the NES.

I’ll tell you the main difference between games now and games then.

Back then, if you wanted a cheat code, you needed to wait unlit the next issue of Nintendo Power came out!

There was not internet or crap like that.

Nowadays, people cheat there way through games.  There are mods, “save states” cheat codes, etc.

It isn’t fair and it isn’t fun.

I remember me and my friend Kurt (RIP) used to play games and ditch school.  We would spend hoooooooooourrrs playing the same section of one level just to figure something out.

One day we played level 8-2 of Mario for about 6 hours straight.  We also spent about 4 weeks trying to find Ridley in Metroid.

Again, no cheats, no hints, and no one to call if you are stuck.

It was you and the kids in your neighborhood.

I know I am getting nostalgic, but I just think that we had it good growing up.

There is a lot to be learned from Retro gaming.

Derrick Legend

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