North Korea’s Video Games Suck

rodmangameHere at SGR – we simply despise North Korea.  They hate us and we hate them.

The funniest part about the whole thing, is that they actually feel as though they are technologically superior to us in a number of different areas!  (insert LOLZ)

The not so funny part is that they are trying to point missles at us.  They are threatening to nuke us on a daily basis.

So they decided to release a driving game.  Here is a quote from a Jason Tochinsky one of the developers of the game on this terribly designed video game: “It’s exactly what actually driving in Pyongyang is like: slow, wildly boring, empty, incredibly restricted, and at least a decade behind technologically. It’s a perfect, irony-blind parody of itself.”


Oh it’s always hilarious.

Anyway, read more about this debauchery over at vice magazine.

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