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This is a player versus player game with 4 different races.

Each race has different classes to choose from.  The characters have a lot of good moves but not a ton of options.

There are dwarves that are kind of like engineers and elves that can do cool stuff as well.

There are gems that you can buy with money and gold you can get as well.  You buy a recipe and put items into slots.  You can get better armor or gear as well as potions etc.  Abilities go up as the levels go on etc etc.

This game was really impressive, the dwarves were pretty funny to watch especially the way they hold their guns.  If they do a special shot they go flying backwards, which is also funny.  They also fall down when you do different attacks with them.

You can make your own items and one interesting thing is when you get past level 4 at the end of the match you can trade your gold for experience points (or vice versa) which is cool if you are running out of one or the other.  This is a really good idea that I think should be crossed over into other games.

Really don’t have any dislikes, there are a ton of spells that make things sort of awkward, it kind of gets in the way and gets confusing.  I always was hitting the wrong spell and got killed a few times because of it, kind of weird.

No health bars.  SO that makes things really hard, you just have to kind of guess to see how many times you have been hit etc.  Also very weird and awkward.

Other than that, very cool and I really appreciate this game.

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