The new PS Vita TV Competes with Apple TV


Sony announced today that they were releasing the new Playstation VITA Tv.  This device is a very small (about the size of a HTC One) device that allows Vita owners to play PSP and Vita games on their TV with a Dual Shock 3.

For those who cannot read between the lines, it is Son’ys Apple TV.

The device is about 2.3 x 3.9 inches and is under a hundred bucks.

You can watch TV and movies on this new device as well as games.

As per the hardware specs, the new PS Vita has a memory card slot, a USB slot and an HDMI output of course at 1080i as well as 720/480p.  It also has a built in gigabyte worth of memory.

Supposedly this release is currently only available for Japan.

We will keep you updated when the PS Vita will be available in the United States.

More to come.


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