Renaissance Heroes Review

This is  FPS and is available from Steam.  It has a ton of different maps and options.

There are a number of different matches that you can play.

It is a fairly straight forward first person shooter.  You need to pick up ammo rather quickly because you run out quick.

The graphics kick ass and are really well done.  It has a great tutorial that explains everything very well.

There are 3 modes – Easy to Hard.  There are a ton of different options as well.

The starting screen was reallly confusing, but that’s just me.  Also you can only choose 1 character otherwise you have to pay real money for this.  This makes things kind of boring but still can be somewhat amusing.

It’s been getting a lot of good reviews, but most people haven’t played it as long as we have, for the past few days.  As you go through the game you will get some more powers, but that takes skill.

It did get boring after a while but held our interest.  It as actually one of the most boring game we’ve played in a while, but again wasn’t terrible at all.

Anyone have any different info that we are missing?

Here are a few shots from the game:

renaissance heroes action renaissance heroes

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