My Response to Recent Critism

Recently we’ve had some Facebook criticism, a few people saying that we don’t have the most up to date news.

Ok, so if you want all of the boring corporate updates, head on over to Joystiq or any of the game developers blogs.

This is a totally independent blog that we have created for our amusement.

You don’t see any ads here or crap like that.

We post what we find interesting: and that might include current happenings as well as vintage gaming.

We want to thank all of our loyal readers, and of course – all you haters.


Derrick Legend

Derrick is a serious gamer, blogger, and is kind of a big deal on 4chan. When he’s not blogging for SGR he is riding dirt bikes and going to school. Derrick’s favorite games are Call of Duty, Crysis 3, and Metal Gear Rising (he’s also a huge classic NES buff).

Derrick Legend

Derrick Legend

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Derrick Legend

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