Stress Over Unbeaten Video Games?

stressHave any of you ever felt this “stress” over games that you either have not finished, or have not gotten a chance to play?  Well, Iaskev from sure as hell has.  He goes on to explain:

So like many of you, I’ve amassed a large amount of games over the years that I’ve never gotten around to playing. All the Mass Effects, Assassin’s Creeds, Dead Spaces and more, never played.

“To make myself feel like I’m not just hoarding games and wasting money, and to simply better myself as a gamer and broaden my horizons, I’ve tried playing more of them recently. However, I run into the mindset of “I have to finish the game to get my money’s worth/the full experience, or else it will sit in my ‘unfinished’ group and in the back of my mind forever.”

In some ways where a game is essentially absent of story, this usually isn’t a problem for me. Like if I stopped playing Peggle halfway through, I doubt it would bug me since it’s just different levels. However if I stopped playing Thief (1) right now, a few hours in, to play some more recent game, I feel like I would lose interest, forget about it for a while, and it might come back to bug me like “oh yeah I never finished that” and for some reason I’d feel bad. Either because I didn’t get the full experience, my money’s worth, or whatever.

The point is, sometimes I have no really compelling reason to finish a game, even if that game is really good, like Thief or Deus Ex (1), but I would feel bad for quitting. As a result I’m going through a lot of games all at once, slowly, and trying to rush myself in finishing them to reduce the stress of “oh no, so many games I have unfinished/unplayed.”

Do any of you feel the same way? Any thoughts on how you tackle the problem of unfinished/unplayed games? Or just words you’ve heard or tell yourself to justify not playing them? Or to force yourself/calm yourself into finishing them?”

Hundreds of others on that thread agreed with him, and I sure as hell do.

So take home thought of the day: finish your games!  Start the ones that you want to and take them to the end.  Don’t restart other games that you’ve already finished and always complete the ones you’ve started.

And for god’s sake, don’t play games like Sim where “you never finish.”

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