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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so excited for DDR4 memory, not just for gaming but regular PC usage.

I love to build gaming rigs and can’t wait to get a new PC with DDR4!
Found this video earlier from Crucial’s YouTube channel:

Crucial is saying it is twice as fast as DDR3 and gives 50% more bandwidth and 40% more power efficient.

They also say you can add way more memory by using DD4 while reducing power and energy consumption.

DDR4 Motherboard Support

Intel is on top of this. They sent out this press release about DDR4 stating DDR4 motherboards are on the way. These new generation mobo’s dubbed “Z99” will support DDR4 as well as Intel’s newest generation of chip.


Photo of an x99 motherboard, a motherboard that supports the new DDR4 Ram.

Photo of an x99 motherboard, a motherboard that supports the new DDR4 Ram.


DDR4 Facts

  • faster clock frequencies than DDR3.
  • 2133-4266 million transfer per second (ddr3 was 800-2133)
  • lower voltage (1.05-1.2) compared to 1.2-1.65 for ddr3
  • basically much faster with less power consumption
  • 284 pin DIMMS (a switch from 240 pin DIMMS)
  • the pins are closer together
  • height in increased
  • thickness is increased
  • special 128 Gigabyte Dimms are already in production, but not on the market. Other manufacturers have begun production as well.
  • 8,16,and 32 Gigabyte will be the market standard
  • Adam Shah of PCworld stated recently that it would be available for purchase in the 3rd quarter of 2014, just in time for school.
  • Intel’s new 8 & 16 core Haswell Extreme Edition and Xeon processors codenamed “Grantley” will be compatible with DDR4
  • Intels new chips, other manufacturers motherboards, and DDR4 Ram will all probably become available at the same time (3rd quarter of 2014)


All I know is I can’t wait for the X99 and DDR4 ram to come out. I haven’t upgraded my system in a while so I am kind of chomping at the bit to make this one happen.