Unique Splits Shells (Pretzels)

If you’ve ever had these:

unique pretzels

Then you will love these:


Snack summary: these are a gift from god.  Pretzels are awesome already.  Those pretzel chip things made for dipping are kind of cool, and on the same level of these – but really not even close to the deliciousness that these bring to the table.

Unique Pretzel Splits Shells or simply “splits” are just the shell of the pretzel.  Its basically like a cored out pretzel rod.  Packed with deliciousness (actually it is packed with nothing, just air) but are one of the best salty treats of all time. I keep 5-10 bags stocked in my house at all times.

If you can’t find then in a store near you, then order them for God’s sake.  Don’t make me post the link for you, Google it.  They are three dollars.

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