Video Game Designer Salaries

There has been a huge boom in interest for video game designers and programmers within the past few years. There are many misconceptions regarding how much a video game designer makes, and what a typical salary is.  We’ve asked 3 major video game developers what the average salaries are for 10 positions, and calculated the averages, here is what we’ve found:

  • Video Game Producer – $87,000
  • Junior Developer – $33,000
  • Senior Developer – $100,000
  • Character Artist – $56,000
  • Art Director – $44,300
  • Copyrighter – $38,000
  • Game Designer (mobile) – $50,000 (this varied greatly)
  • Technical Writer – $33,000
  • Mobile Developer – $50,000
  • Game Metric Analyst – $45,000

Please note that these salaries will vary greatly depending on several factors including:

  1. The State that the video game job is in
  2. The company that owns the video game
  3. The level of experience that the employee has
  4. The education that the employee has
  5. The negotiating power of the interviewee 🙂

Set your sights high!  If a company needs you bad enough, really they will pay anything.  We’ve seen certain companies that absolutely needed an emergency designer that paid 2x what the industry standard was, all because they had a game deadline and needed to fill the slot in a hurry.


*Please note, SGR signed a non-disclosure form for 2/3 companies and will not disclose the names of them for any reason

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